Field Service Software for Fire and Life Safety

Powerful inspection software for properties. Testing, scheduling, dispatching and automation.


All Your Property Systems At Your Fingertips

Imagine the ability to simply and easily access information about all the life safety systems your company manages with just a few clicks, regardless of where you are – in your office, at home, or while traveling.

Complete overview of the business. All important information at hand.

Easy scheduling & dispatching. Assign techs to scheduled jobs. 

Task and time reporting. Notifications, TODO lists, proof of work.

Information on planned maintenance works, alarm and detector tests, building plans.

Let external contractors into the system and assign them to specific tasks.

Comprehensive overview of departments, buildings, and people.

Our Cloud-based software Leading Cloud Hosting Services

The application works perfectly on desktops and mobile devices. Work from anywhere.

Save time, money doing your daily work faster in an intuitive system.

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#1 Fire & Life Safety Inspection Software

Schedule & Dispatch. Keep a record of Service Tickets, Properties, Jobs, Events, Fire Alarms, Fire Alarm Tests, Attachments, Comments, and more.

Create & Report Service Tickets. Register Work Time​
Schedule Tickets, Events, Leaves on Calendar in one place.

#2 Life Safety Systems Automation

Stellguard hardware is compatible with virtually all existing life safety systems, making installation a breeze.

Intelligent Hardware
Live data from fire alarm system

Reduce paperwork

Work Time, Signature confirmation, in-app communication & attachments.

In App Proof of Work
Signature directly in application


Full information on completed, overdue, and future tests of panels and devices in buildings.

An overview for all departments, buildings, and people.​

Information on all buildings and tests, including NFPA forms​

Detailed information about the fire panel.