Properties & Buildings

Contacts & Employees

Assign contacts, building employees

Complete information

Add campuses, buildings, floors, plans, attachment

Software for Properties & Buildings

Multiple Addresses

Delivery address, correspondence address

Building or Campus?

Create a campus map and assign buildings

Assign Tickets

Create and assign tickets directly to property.

Documents & Events

Attach Documents & Scheduler Events

Add Test Forms

Over 100+ NFPA Compliance Test forms

Life Safety Systems and Devices

Templates of popular forms and reports. Ability to create own templates

Campus Map & Floor Plan

Exact location

Assign buildings directly on map

Detailed floor plans

Plans for campuses, buildings, floors, and devices

Over 100+ NFPA Compliance Test forms

A Whole range of tests

From Daily, Weekly to Annual

Save time and use as Template

Ability to copy and use data from the test in the next one

Fire Alarm Panels

Panel information

Location, Type, Model, Description, Attachments, Logs

Panel logs and automatic reports

Live Panel Logs (With Stellnet Transmitter), Logs Parsing and devices testing

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