Stellguard Transmitter

A stellguard transmitter can be connected to any fire alarm panel. Connecting transmitter to the printer port results in sending logs from the panel to the database and saving all information in a secured and accessible way.


Cloud Printer

When data from Fire Alarm Panel are in Database. You can search it by part of text, filter by date. Print as PDF or Download as text file.

Easy Fire Alarm Connection
Filterable Logs in One Place
Live log printer & notifications

All data in one place

The Stellguard software allows users to view the same information that is displayed on the property’s fire alarm panel in real time.

This allows building owners and managers to access information about a property’s life safety system, read error codes and diagnose faulty hardware components remotely from any computer or mobile device. Imagine the freedom of maintaining your buildings’ life safety systems from your office, home or even when you’re on the road?

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