What is ticket system for Fire & Safety Industry?

It’s an effective way to store and track how your team of experts works. Ticket system track time, resources, parts & materials. 

Assign, Transfer, & Follow Up


Assign a service ticket to technicians and track their work

Work Time

Employees can record the time of work, travel and overtime.

Proof of Work

In App Signature

Your customer employee can make signature directly in application

Photo Proof

Your employee can attach images directly on his phone and tablet

Print & Comments


Print form, sign forms, attach as proof of work.

Files & Attachments

Need to add documents? No worries. Just drag & drop them


Something missing? Add comments and notify employees that You need something.

More service ticket system features

Multiple types

Overt 20 common types of service.

Connected with Property

Always know which property the service ticket applies to

Attachments and Comments

Attach files , comment on service tickets.

Work Time

Employees can record work time, travel time, overtime

Parts & Materials

Always know what parts and materials are used on service

Sub Tasks and Checklist

Create or attach an existing checklist.

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