Priorities in the Pandemic

The COVID-19 Pandemic hit the world hard. It not only changed our way of life, but also forced us to reevaluate our priorities in running a business. Suddenly, common practices were no longer considered safe, and necessary practices were considered to be high risk. While many industries were able to redefine their way of businesses, the life safety industry has little opportunity or chance to change. Life Safety Technicians are essential workers who maintain all the systems put in place to keep commercial and residential properties safe. Their work protocol remains unchanged, save for the Personal Protective Equipment that have become standard, putting them at a greater risk for exposure.

Stellguard Software was released in the middle of this pandemic with the idea of minimizing exposure for all life safety technicians. The program allows technicians and property managers to immediately see the system error without having to travel to the site itself. Technicians now have the ability to know what parts they need to have in order to maintain or fix the system, eliminating increased exposure of having to hunt down a missing part. It cuts the time needed to travel by allowing the technician to be as prepared as possible.

The pandemic hit many of us financially as well, causing many to lose their livelihoods in order to cut costs. Stellguard software drastically cuts operating costs without compromising the safety standard of maintaining life safety systems. On average, Stellguard software and Stellnet hardware cut yearly costs up to 30% and eliminated the need for things like phone lines entirely, further saving money. Our goal is to save property owners and building managers money without compromising the efficiency of their life safety systems.

The world as we know it has changed, and Stellguard is a part of that change. We are a part of the much needed changes to bring life safety systems into the future. The pandemic showed us the need for this type of change, and we strive to meet and improve any and all standards to ease life in these difficult times.