Life Safety Systems and the Eco-Friendly Benefits

Climate Change has been at the forefront of our minds for years, and many businesses have joined the effort to combat it by implementing eco-friendly policies and devices to lower their carbon footprint. Office waste, in particular, is a huge concern, with the average office worker using an average of 10,000 pounds of paper a year, and about 2 pounds of paper products every day! Even in a small company of about 20 workers, they still produce an enormous amount of waste, averaging at 200,000 pounds of waste a year!

Stellguard has joined the fight against paper waste by making all service reports and service tickets paperless with our handy app. The software allows technicians to complete their reports and view the service tickets right from the app. It also allows the property manager and/or building owner to complete a service request and view the service reports right from the app. Our software saves thousands of pounds of paper waste a year, bringing your company one step closer to having a low carbon footprint and having a positive effect on the environment.

In addition to helping with reducing paper waste, Stellguard Base software also cuts down on carbon usage. With the technicians having access to the errors of a life safety device in their app, they are able to reduce the amount of travel time needed in order to fix the error. Because they are no longer traveling back and forth between the warehouse, the office, and the client’s property, the carbon from traveling by car is greatly reduced. While more and more people have switched to electric cars, it will be some time before society has fully transitioned to electric-powered vehicles, we still have a long way to go. Until then, we rely on methods and software like Stellguard Base to help reduce the carbon footprint of everyday life.

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