Stellguard Automation Benefits

Building Owners and Life Safety Technicians can all agree on the fact that there are serious flaws in the current dynamic of maintaining the essential life safety systems of both commercial and residential buildings. For Building Owners, cost and efficiency are the most prevalent issues. When there is an error with a life safety system, scheduling is rarely a process that goes smoothly, with finding availability to finding the right price point. Sharing records of previous service tickets can also be a hassle.


Stellguard system simplifies the process by allowing you to connect with a life safety technician and schedule service through the Stellnet Database. The database also stores all service reports and daily readings, allowing building owners to easily share them with the necessary people. Because the hardware informs the technician exactly what the issue is, building owners are able to drastically cut costs by reducing the number of trips it would take for the issue to be resolved.


For technicians, Stellnet systems allow them to be more prepared for their tasks and takes away the hassle of not always being able to have the needed part to fix an issue or have access to the daily service reports that help them complete their work. Most of all, it eliminates hours of unnecessary driving time between their office and the property to troubleshoot basic issues. The software tells them exactly what the issue with the system is, which in turn allows them to waste less time on the Jobsite.


In a post-COVID-19 world, more measures and solutions are being introduced to keep everyone safe and to still run businesses effectively. Business practices have shifted to where working from home is more prevalent than ever, and contact is limited between other people. Life Safety Services is a necessary industry that is struggling to adapt to this new model. How can you compromise the safety of industry workers who work to ensure the safety of everyone else? Stellnet Systems allow technicians to do their essential work in keeping others safe while staying safe themselves by avoiding unnecessary exposure and limiting contact with others.

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